About Us

Hey there, friend! 
I'm Tayla Chapa, the woman behind Feminiscence. I couldn't do this alone, so my amazing husband and life partner, Dan, helps run a lot of behind the scenes work. We both just graduated college and are navigating post-college life. I started Feminiscence about 3 years ago while I was in nursing school. I currently work fulltime as a mom/baby postpartum nurse. Dan and I love finding new food places, good memes, binge-watching Survivor, and empowering women. 
Our mission is to reminisce and remember historical women. The National Women's History Museum found that for every 3 men mentioned in public school curriculum, there is only 1 woman mentioned. Women of color are disproportionately represented, with 63% of these historical women being White. Every collection at Feminiscence is named to honor and remember forgotten historical women. We are here to fight the underrepresentation of women and hopefully inspire and empower you to carry on their legacy.
Thanks for being here and supporting our family, mission & dreams!